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Certificate Programme in Hairdressing

Certificate Programme in Hairdressing

Career opportunities: Hairstylist, Salon Manager, Hair Color Specialist, Hair Care Consultant, Freelance Stylist.

Course Content

  • Career Opportunity in Hair Dressing/Styling
  • Career Opportunity in Hair Dressing/Styling
  • Principles of Hair Designing
  • Preparation of Scalp & Hair
  • Hair Cutting Techniques
  • Hair Coloring Techniques
  • Hair Texturizing Techniques
  • Client Consultation
  • Understanding Hair Products
  • Client Communication & Professional Ethics
  • Advanced Hair Styling
  • Chemical Hair Treatments
  • Scalp Treatments & Massage
  • Wigs and Hair Extensions
  • Hair Spa Treatments
  • Specialized Hair Treatments
  • Men's Haircutting and Styling
  • Hair Health and Hygiene
  • Creating Hair Styles for Events & Occasions
  • Marketing Strategies for Hair Dressers
  • Advanced Hair Coloring Techniques
  • Business Management for Salons
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Trends and Fashion in Hair Dressing
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